Introducing our SIGNATURE BLC Academy Kit! Featuring quality products sourced by the BLC founders, this will be your new training buddy for anyone studying our Eyelash Extensions Masterclasses – Classic, Hybrid, Mega Volume.

Our BLC Academy Classic Kit will give you all of the essential tools to hone your practical skills before moving onto paid clients. 


Practice makes perfect

An in-depth knowledge of extensions alone will not be enough to make you an expert lash technician. Speaking from experience, practicing as much as possible is the main difference that will separate you from your competition and keep your client list returning lash after lash. 

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I have purchased a few tools here and there (off ebay and amazon) to practice extensions with but have had some poor experiences. I've just received the BLC Kit and the quality of all the different tools seems better than anything I have used in the past. It's nice to know the founders have sourced these items themselves too - so I know I am using the right stuff. Now I just need to get practicing 🙂



Graduate - Hybrid and Volume Masterclass

I picked up the BLC Classic Kit to practice my skills after learning the Hybrid and Volume course. It has everything you need and I loved the bag itself. A few of my friends want to practice with me so I love being able to take around and it looks super cool. Happy customer 🙂



Graduate - Hybrid and Volume Masterclass


What You'll Receive in the Classic Kit..

Within your BLC Classic Lash Extension Kit, the following products are included:

– 2 x Mixed/single trays for classic eyelash extension application (0.15, 0.18 or 0.20 diameter)

– 1 x BLC Lash Glue

– 1 x BLC Lash Primer

– 1 x BLC Lash Shampoo

– 1 x BLC Glue Remover

– 20pk Gel Eye Pads

– 1 Roll Of Tape

– 1 pair Of Tweezers (1 isolation & 1 pickup)

– 50pk Microswabs

– 50pk Mascara Wands

– Jade Stone

Remember: Knowledge is power, but practice makes perfect 🙂

BLC Kit open

We recommend purchasing our Classic Kit if you are taking any of the BLC Academy Eyelash Extension Courses – Classic, Hybrid, Mega Volume.

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