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Not long after opening Brow and Lash Co's first salon it quickly became apparent the lack of education in the lash extension industry. Lash extensions were not a part of the curriculum in most beauty therapy courses at the time and therefore there were a lot of untrained botched lash applications being applied. After completing countless application fix ups from other therapists work, Kea and Steph really started to notice the long-term effect that a poor lash application was having on a client's lash health and irreversible damage to their natural lashes. The BLC founders both realised there was a huge gap in the market to not only educate therapists on the importance of lash health and a correct application but also being one of the fastest-growing industries the amount of advanced information and techniques that they could teach students. This is where the Brow and Lash Co's in person training academy started.

Fast forward 6 years and 1000's of students later COVID 19 arrived, Kea and Steph acted quickly to move the BLC Academy online into virtual training so they could continue to provide education to our students and offer an opportunity for people in lockdown to up skill or learn a new side hustle. The online Academy has been the backbone for up-skilling all of their employees to ensure consistency across treatments and to maintain the high level standard of beauty treatments offered at the Brow and Lash Co salons. Having over 14 staff across 2 states and 4 salons, when the ladies want to introduce a new treatment or a new advance technique they have found the most efficient way is to add the learnings into the Academy and have all the employees in all salons complete the new module. Brow and Lash Co's Academy is something they pride themselves on, delivering the most up to date techniques and skills to not only their staff but the wider Lash and Brow industry.

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